What is the “turbulence phenomenon”?

It is the oversensitivity of the cochlear canal wherein a certain sound seems to get amplified instantly or there is fluctuation of the level of sound, regardless of its actual consistency.

It is also the case wherein the ear overreacts to a certain sound and it feels as if there is roaring or thunder hitting the ear.

It has yet to be reported officially to the otolaryngology society, so the ENT doctors will not understand when patients describe this kind of symptom.

That’s because it has never been researched or reported to society.

It’s similar to the case of syrigmus.

Especially, this lack of knowledge causes ignorance as to why the turbulence phenomenon leads to abnormal results of hearing tests.

Note, however, that Soribaksa – Tinnitus and Hearing Loss Improvement Center can understand when the patient describes the turbulence phenomenon.

And the patients nod along when we cite the symptoms.

They find it amazing because even the doctors did not understand the phenomenon.

You might wonder how we know such symptoms.

This knowledge came from years of experience with numerous patients and researches on them.

Even if doctors knew about the phenomenon, they do not know how to reduce or cure it; thus, there will be no changes, but at least they should be able to tell the name or kind of disease from the description by the patient. As such, the situation is frustrating for both the doctor and the patient.

We have many patients with such symptom.

They understand our description of the reasons a bit.

Most importantly, the phenomenon will go away after a couple of visits to Soribaksa.

After we relieve them of the turbulence symptoms with one or two visits, they find it really amazing and come to have infinite trust in us.

Stop feeling frustrated and come to us — testing and discussing your problem will not cost a dime.

It is never burdened.

Please feel free to come and talk with us and call us first if you feel uncomfortable coming.

Welcome anytime.

Thank you for your attention.