What is sudden hearing loss?

It means that, literally, you have had no problem with hearing sounds around you, but your hearing suddenly disappeared this morning.

One reassuring thing is that it mostly (98%) occurs in one ear.

Sudden hearing loss in both ears hardly occurs, but about 1% of such cases happen.

It will be a real disaster if we lose both ears, but maybe the heavens were considerate enough to make it very rare.

It’s easy to say, but how terrible would it feel if you simply can’t hear anything all of a sudden?

Those who went through their fair share of hardships in life would find the situation tragic, and young people will not be able to cope with it.

Such urgent situation is so rare that you don’t know who to turn to and you end up spending thousands of dollars just like that by going to the ENT doctor in the neighborhood out of desperation, and he/she will in turn tell you to go to a general hospital or the large one in Seoul, which will obviously tell you that modern medicine has no cure.

What causes sudden hearing loss?

There is no definitely defined cause of sudden hearing loss.

In other words, no one has identified any clear suspect of sudden hearing loss so far, and we at Soribaksa have been witnessing an increase of people visiting us for this.

One thing we found out from their stories, though, is that stress plays a major role.

Young people under severe stress or tiredness tend to suffer minor symptoms such as swollen neck or lips or sudden fever or headache, but these symptoms can develop into sudden hearing loss, tinnitus, otolithiasis, Meniere’s syndrome, or depression for those over 50 as their overall physical functions are weakened.

Otolithiasis is not exactly covered by Soribaksa – Tinnitus and Hearing Loss Improvement Center, but we found that it happens a lot to women in their 40s and 50s.

The most common advice from doctors is to avoid stress.

It would be really great if we can stay away from stress in our life, but it would also be practically impossible.

Severe stress can be compared to consuming a spoonful of potassium cyanide.

It can lead to unexpected and unbearable impact on our body.

We examined the details of the biggest stresses that women in 40s and 50s with sudden hearing loss experience and found that they are from undeniably heartbreaking events such as parting with family, traffic accident, unemployment, and failure of business.

In addition, sudden hearing loss can bring secondary pain.

It may vary per person, but sudden hearing loss can happen immediately or after some time following such tragic event.

Except 20~30% of victims of sudden hearing loss who recover from it somehow by going to all kinds of hospitals or trying folk remedies, or thanks to innate immunity, health, or natural reparative power, most of those suffering sudden hearing loss realize that there is no way of dealing with it.

They have to live with damaged hearing until their last breath.

Another problem is that diverse forms of secondary pain are associated with sudden hearing loss.

First is tinnitus, a very common symptom of sudden hearing loss.

Second is the “turbulence phenomenon,” which feels as if there is thunder or roaring in one’s head.

Third is the feeling that one’s head is about to burst. No painkiller may work for these cases.

Fourth is that stress and deafness prevent the victims from sleeping properly, which again causes more fatigue and lack of vitality that degenerate into depression, bipolar disorder, or sociophobia.

The true and wisest choice is to come to us at Soribaksa – Tinnitus and Hearing Loss Improvement Center.

Why am I saying all these?

Many patients of sudden hearing loss who visit us got to eliminate the symptoms in no time, yet quite a few of them end up wasting time and money by going “hospital-hopping” without getting any better.

A bigger problem is that some hospitals simply prescribe steroid or some kind of drugs without sufficient clinical tests; such simply worsen the symptoms, which can easily be improved by us.

As a Korean saying goes, “Give him a slap when he wants to cry.”

It’s true that a patient of sudden hearing loss who can naturally recover from it can get better after one steroid injection.

Or the symptoms may be gone after an eardrum injection.

In such cases, the oriental and western hospitals that prescribed the injection attempt to utilize it as a marketing point and start to trust the injection blindly.

But they will not take liability for any side effects.

They even prescribe months of tranquilizers or sleeping pills.

Why bother with prescribing potentially harmful drugs after denouncing that sudden hearing loss is incurable by modern medicine?

You will find from our improvement cases that we at Soribaksa managed to cure patients of sudden hearing loss, which the top hospitals or medical doctors gave up on after just a couple of months. And with no side effects, too!

Stop wandering around and come to us at Soribaksa.

Here, you will get your time and money’s worth.

We will make accurate judgment and show you that the symptoms will be gone.

We will also show you numerous improvement cases of other patients.

Testing and discussing your problem will not cost a dime.

You can make your purchasing decision when you think you can trust us.

We make improvements with sounds, and it means that there are no side effects. 95% of incoming patients went home satisfied.

Thank you for your attention.