AMA-PTA (Medical Device License Number 05-945)

Autumated Micro Audiometer – Pure Tone Audiometry

01 Summary

  • AMA-PTA : Pure tone audiometry equipment controlled by computer
  • Automatic/manual testing provided with tinnitus examination
  • Special examinations are available (SISI testing, complex tinnitus testing, osteotome testing etc)
  • 6 – 11 frequency pure tone audiometry
  • 17-134 frequency micro-audiometry is possible


02 Features

  • AMA-PTA elicit real time responses from a patient and provide with the next testing tone
  • Improving the credibility by carrying out 3-5 repeated testing at hearing threshold
  • The whole process is time-efficient and auto-controlled by computer algorithm which results in accurate outcome


03 Medical Device Authorization

  • Manufacturing Item License Number : 05-945 (a second-class medical device)
  • Purpose of use : Hearing test

REVE134  (Medical Device License Number 08-401)

REVE134 Signal Generator in Multi-Channel

01 Summary

  • Reve 134 stimulates each frequency in auditory sense and elicit auditory responses
  • It’s the sound stimulation equipment that stimulates 134 frequencies in a cochlea.
  • It is a tinnitus application noise generator for multi-channel tinnitus treatment (tinnitus active therapy). It is divided into usage of medical (for the clinic) and personal


02 Features

  • The technology has been patented < No. 1009638880000> in the USA, Japan, China, Europe and etc.
  • Health Industry Promotion Agency under the Ministry of Health and Welfare ( Recommendation Technology <Hair cell of cochlea activation technology by high resolution medium frequency stimulation>
  • US clinical trials have been conducted and the technology has been verified <NCT001184248>
  • The sound generator based on 3 dimension cochlea
  • 134-band high-resolution tracking of the hearing loss frequency band and the frequency band for which tinnitus occurred


03 Medical Device Authorization

  • Manufacturing Item License Number : 08-401 (a second-class medical device)
  • Purpose of use : Stimulator for universal stimulus response, tinnitus application noise generator

TSC Hearing Aid


01 What is hearing aid?

  • A hearing aid is a device designed to improve hearing by making sound audible to a person with hearing loss. The device helps a partially deaf person hear better and clearer by amplifying sound.


02 The difference between regular hearing aid and TSC hearing aid

  • TSC hearing aids is a medical device that does the same job as any regular hearing aids. It amplifies sounds so that a person with hearing loss can hear better. The difference is that TSC hearing aids not only amplify the sound, but also improve the hearing condition itself.


03 What is TSC?

  • TSC stands for Threshold sound conditioning. This is a new technology that can improve hearing of humans fundamentally by providing the smallest sound energy(threshold) which stimulates auditory neurons in hearing system. Usually 7-8 out of 10 people with hearing problems can improve their hearing by using devices with TSC technology including TSC hearing aids.