I am the CEO of Soribaksa

As our modern society develops and industrializes, we get exposed to more and more noise every day. In 1960s, when I was born, there wasn’t much noises except for all these sounds from the natural surroundings.

However, in the modern society, there are different noises such as cars, TVs and smartphones that we didn’t have before. As smartphones become very prevalent, the use of headphones has increased over the years. These changes have led to increase in number of people having problems with hearing such as hearing loss and tinnitus. These problems must be looked into and taken seriously by everyone who are involved in this. However, it is true that they are disregarded by the doctors and the government.

As this situation continues, hearing loss and tinnitus have become more common among youngsters and has becoming a societal problem.
Hearing loss and tinnitus were considered a chronic condition that cannot be cured. If you were to have problems with your hearings at an early age, you will be looking at 80~90 years of life living with this condition.
High frequency tinnitus can be excruciating, it could lead to insomnia, depression and so on.

But we, Soribaksa is here to help you. Our TSC technology from Earlogic KR is FDA, KFDA, CE approved and also proved its effectiveness in clinical cases at Stanford University. There is nothing in the world that can be compared to our technology.
Please visit us at Soribaksa, we provide free consultation and testing.
We at soribaksa, strives to help people with hearing loss and tinnitus conditions. We will be expanding so that everyone can access our improvement program from anywhere and we promise that we can help you alleviate your suffering from these conditions.

Thank you.