Welcome everyone,

This is ‘Soribaksa’ , an improvement center for the hard of hearing and people with tinnitus.

✔ Accurate testing and consultation

Soribaksa uses the most precise and fastest testing equipment called AMA-PTA and the hearing improvement equipment called REVE 134 that were developed by Earlogic Korea. With years of experience in this field, we provide the accurate consultation and satisfying service.


✔ Generating an improvement program for tinnitus condition

Through an accurate examination, we develop a unique improvement program for each patient based on their condition. This leads to faster improvement in every and each patient.



✔ Clinical trials conducted by Stanford Medical School

Soribaksa’s improvement technology for tinnitus and the hard of hearing has been proved through clinical trials conducted by Stanford medical school. The surprising outcome was also published in American Academy of Neurology Journals.